What? Me?!?

Words usually leave my side when I am asked to talk about myself. I can go on for hours talking about things that concern me, entertain me, interest me..but when its about opening that little window into myself, I feel like I am yet to know what I am.

Is it the ever restless-hyper-intolerant-spoilt kid my real self or that is just how I camouflage my feelings, disappointments, thoughts, excitement, opinions about the world in front of my eyes to let things come out at the right moment. Is that just how I dont allow myself to be read aloud in open or is my restlessness a product of all of that happens there in my mind?

While I have found myself having the most intelligent thoughts in solitude, I prefer company of intellectually stimulating people most of the time. Coffee and Conversations can make my day.

I am a lover and a believer. My dog has proved it time and again that I can love someone so ardently, so unconditionally and so selflessly and I have so come to believe in my power of giving all my love to someone. Whatever little bit of patience I have acquired over the past three years is rather an outcome of experiencing a very beautiful furry motherhood with her.

The very wise practical outlook towards life has always repelled me. I am a dreamer and find the idea of leading life practically all day and all night rather suicidal to whatever passion you nurture in life. Though realism is what I consider to be one of the ingredients that make you achieve your dreams. So dream while you lay asleep and turn it real when you wake up!

Even during school days, I had always used writing as the only medium to pacify the tempest inside the mind and heart of my teenage self. I remember some bits of papers, notebook margins and back page, diaries littered with melodramatic narratives of everyday incidents from my life. With this blog, however, I just mean to build a chronicle of some special events that take place in my life.

To say my writings would contain an account of my everyday life would rather mean that I would be utilizing the space to talk to myself, to vent out my pent up emotions or to just voice my opinion about something that might be concerning me. With this blog, I dont just intend to fabricate a story to be read over years but also to stop in between the maddening rush of life and take a look at some special moments that just passed by in order to forge them word by word and preserve forever.

If you have dropped by and decide to read any further, I hope you have a good time. 🙂


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