Amy Woofs#1


I am Amy. You might wonder if its a guest post or something but na. Its pretty much my space as in whatever belongs to Vanilla is in a way all mine. Right from the day she brought me home, she had made certain terms clear to all my family and sharing of stuff between us was a part of them. So you know, sharing bed, food, clothes at times and stuff like that..its usual between us and then I thought why not the blog!

I understand this place lies unvisited most of the times as Vanilla is into office and all human stuff and whatever time she has, she likes to spend it all on me but now that I have discovered it, I might sneak in sometimes to woof out a bit about life and karma. Okay, life and play! I act all human at times. A psychotic one.

Since there is not much anyone knows about me, I would like to share that I was this cute little baby playing with siblings in the park when one day the predator caught a glimpse of my cute chubby self and quietly abducted me on one silent afternoon when my mommy was away.

Thats me btw..when i was a kid..yea, I liked to sleep all day ..sshhh


I was taken to this place nearby and introduced to this all human world and I had no idea how to go about these rather giant furniture pieces and the concept of  seeing Vets on scheduled dates and weekly baths and what not. But hey, I loved it here and I got a new mommy. A mommy who irritates me the most with hugs and snuggles which dont even require a reason to happen. Even when I am trying to be nasty, I get  kissed and chased after for a hug for she thinks it was ‘cute’. Cute? Dude, you just caught me nibbling at daddy’s feet to wake him up. And I thought I was being rude.

So whatever. Somethings I cant understand but still I have my own opinions about the world I see everyday. People I like, People I don’t (like). Confusions! For instance, when its 12 in the afternoon and I am offered a walk. They think I dont understand that a walk at 12 is rather a strategy devised to get me off the bed and to the veranda for a bath. But it does take me a while to figure out the right way to react. So, there are a lot many things I have in mind and all of it can’t be done in a day.

I am already feeling a little droopy eyed. Head feeling heavy and tail loosening up slightly. Its a bodily reaction to signal that I must catch some sleep. After all, there’s a lot of jumping and running around the house to be done in the evening.

I will come back for some more rants later.

C ya




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