The girly girl kinds

Whats really a girly girl thing?

I have graduated from an all girl’s college and I tell you-Girls can be freaking irritating when it comes to being around their guy or talking of them or texting them. Texting-oh-yes-s0, if you have really sneaked into a girl’s inbox ever(i am sure you have) you already know what kind of mushy dialogues it is flooded with. You might have come across a variety of hugs, for example! -the huggies hugs, tight hugs, side hugs-if you’re just friends, long hugs and if there’s more to it, do drop a message! And there’s a barrage of names that follow. Any little twist of tongue that produces a somewhat ‘cute’ version of the guy’s real name is his new nick name. Parents could never be that creative.

I don’t know what has compelled me into writing this down. Neither am I trying to convey that I don’t fall into ‘the’ category nor do I mean I am in anyway personally affected by someone else’s indulgence into what is a much obvious characteristic of the female specie. I would rather accept that every girl is a mommy at heart and subjects her guy to her ever brimming motherly affection. I am sorry if my stereotyping my own gender is offending anybody. I am sure there are exceptions.

What I don’t like, however, is how some of these girls wear a pretense of sophisticatedly carved man-friendly attitude that disapproves anything that can, even remotely, be a matter of public embarrassment for them. Its like how they would suddenly overflow with mannerism that fits into the needs of the other sex. Its funny! We rather have an inborn tendency to make anybody fall for us. Okay, slight exaggeration here!

Alright, so what really happens when we have won it. We have charmed the guy we wanted to, we have made ourselves wanted, we have left that oh-she’s-got-brains-i-tell-you kind of an impression and perhaps we have ended up being together with the guy we had once so desired to be with. I would stop once again to apologize for generalizing everything but that just makes me feel a little less pathetic about myself. Lol! But I would also want some guy to tell me if they really detest this sort of behaviour or do they like it in their heart? Do they have the patience of a daddy that makes them endure the silly things their girls do? I would really appreciate if you open up a bit about how guys take it.

So yes, by now I am sure I have made it clear I am one of those ‘Pamper Me’ kinds and am pretty much vocal about it. Whats making me come out with this is probably the lack of attention I am getting today. I absolutely love his attention and I love being pampered. I am missing him and how he allows me to turn into a baby who has the right to be pampered. He’s already a father by now and knows how to handle difficult kids like me.

On an emotional front, I just cant put in words how special he makes me feel when he reserves the last bite of my favourite food from his share for me or how he overtakes me while walking on my side to allow me to fall under his shade when the sun is baking me. Sometimes, I in fact love to see him jealous if I talk to somebody he doesn’t like even though my feminist self shows up to counter his rather conservative views. Many a times, I am just playing around and deriving pleasure out of feeling so much wanted and cared for by somebody. 😛

I am silly, I know but that is just how I am. I have tried making sense at times but I have failed an equal number of times. You can’t rob me of my very essence. If I need something, I want it right away. Be it your attention. If I feel like being treated like a baby, treat me so. When I want to talk like grown  ups, its your day boy! 🙂

How many of you have actually felt the way I do? Is it a part of growing up? and what about you you ever feel the way we (I) do? I would like to know if what I am like is more phenomenal than anything weird.




2 thoughts on “The girly girl kinds

  1. Hi there! I popped over from the A to Z Challenge. Are you still planning to jump in? My daughter is at an all women’s college right now and she loves the all female companionship although I think it has made her MORE boy crazy!

    Being pampered is never, in my opinion, a bad thing. From anyone of any gender… well, except for creepers!

    I hope to see more of you!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    Julie Jordan Scott
    Our Literary Grannies from A to Z: D is for Denise Chavez
    tweet me – @juliejordanscot

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