May I join in?

Am I really late for the February-Photo-A-Day-Challenge? 😦

Its something I came across while doing the rounds of some of my favourite blogs and could not wait to get doing it myself. Severely hit by the monotony of my everyday life of college bunks and CA classes, am more than just interested to join in the mid term, lol! It seems fun to me and plus it would give me a life with an everyday aim to hunt for something or maybe to find that something in my everyday chores and capture it. Everyday, a bit overused today. Or is it ‘day’?

Anyway, so I would have to take a picture relating to the topics given in the list below and publish it here. Though I can choose any of the social media to publish it but I choose my blog as I also need some fodder for my mind, which has been a void for the past one month, to really give life to my blog.

Since I am joining midway, I would start today onward. Here goes the list..


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