I begin.

Unless expressed and put in words, I have never found life, even at its simplest, to have made sense that adequately quenched my thirst, a vehement desire, to analytically peep into its infinitesimal elements that caused it to be what it is. I have filled endless sheets of paper, drawing out inferences and connecting lines of various events in my life, just to clear the clutter and smoothen out the corrugated thoughts that result as an outcome of an untended mind. Therefore, to come up with this blog is yet another attempt at providing myself with an alternate platform to soliloquize  and thereby trying to live a more meaningful and rather transparent life. Also, it is moreorless an effort I want to put to weave together moments, sweet or otherwise, from my life that should be looked upon with a smile on my lips and a gleam in my eyes in the years to come. And, it would not just be the thoughtful reflective posts to fill up the space but also some empty yet beautiful moments that I would want to construct into words to pull them out of obscurity of routine existence for they mean a chuckle or an interrupted tear that didn’t flow beyond the corner of my eyes.

If I am vividly descriptive or present a melodramatic recollection of  events, I am sorry but that’s just because it gives me a sense of fulfillment and nourishes my desire to express myself like nothing else. Real life doesn’t accept that after all. 🙂

With nothing more to say and wishing myself good luck with this new venture, I sign off for today.



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